India’s agriculture sector has for long been loss-making the majority of farmers. Some of the reasons for this state of affair is lack of proper knowledge about advance farming and inaccessibility to modern technology to cater the market requirement based on demand and supply.

PnP AgVenture venture initially started as a non organized sector by a group of technocrats to educate on quality product by following specific farming methodologies, framed for the region based on international researches and studies. In 2020 during the first wave of pandemic the team set up a group specifically targeting the cardamom cultivators in Western Ghats region and later diversified to various potential spices includes high quality turmeric & pepper. Based on the high demand in international market, during early 2021 PnP AgVenture was registered as a limited liability company for the team to directly cater the need of international market. PnP AgVenture currently source high quality spices to various geographical locations.

We are focusing on leveraging the international market demand in other locations and also educate our partner farmers and suppliers in doing impactful farming. Impactful farming is a term diced by the group which focus on farming education, value cultivation, quality yield and Value customer.


Our Business includes

We provide customers with the service of spices export from India. From helping you find the right buyers to packaging your item and sending it off, our team of experts will ensure that you face absolutely no roadblock.We are operational in Europe,middle-east,America and venturing into new geographical locations with new experience and tagging the new lessons learned as a feather in our cap.


We believe in a sustainable growth together, by focusing on education and uplifting the standard of life of people directly or indirectly associated with the business of the organization.


Spread our wings in the spices sector globally with undisputable standards and commitments.


Optimize, improve and continually bring value


Our value system encompasses integrity and ethics because those are the few qualities which should come from the inside of every person.

We are: