PnP Agventure initially started as a non organized sector by a group of technocrats to educate on quality products by following specific farming methodologies framed for the region based on international research and studies. In 2020 during the first wave of pandemic, the team set up a group specifically targeting cardamom cultivators in the Western Ghats region and later diversified into various potential spices including high quality turmeric & pepper. Based on the large demand in international market, in early  2021 PnP Agventure was registered as a Limited Liability company for the team to directly cater for the needs of  international market. PnP Agventure currently source high quality spices to various geographical locations. We are focusing on leveraging the international market demand in other locations  and also educating our partners, farmers and suppliers in doing impactful farming. Impactful farming is a term diced by the group which focuses on farming education, value cultivation, quality yield and Value customer.


We ensure every product pass through a systematic and procedure oriented quality process as per the international standard of food and spice products. We also educate our farmers and suppliers in bringing out the best yield and quality by following specific standards and acclaimed local procedures by empowering and training.


Testing procedures are framed as per the international standards for food and spices and we take the support of cutting edge laboratories both domestic and international to ensure each product reaches the customer with all its essence benchmarked internationally.


We ensure that our products are sourced from only certified farms and sellers. We target on organically farmed product and ensure every product is certified and holds a domestic or international certification to present to our precious customer.

Our Business includes

Farming and plantation

We manage and run various farms on partially or fully owned partnership strategy.

Export & Import of quality spices

PnP Agventure exports and imports product to and from various geographical locations based on the market demand and quality guidelines.

Agriculture tools and Equipments

Our team identifies various agriculture tools required from international market and bring it to limelight for potential farmers in various pockets which will help in productive farming.

Technological farming

We have tied up with various companies in the technological farming sector to ensure each plants are monitored for its health and yield and early  preventive actions in case of any infections

Al based yield optimization

Our technological team have a deep insight into vendors providing AL solutions for optimized farming ,harvesting and sourcing.


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